Introduction 😆

config.yml stores site essential data. You can find this file at the root of your project.

Relative URLs 😧

If you are planning to deploy your website which is not at the root of your server then you will have to set baseURL in the config.yml file.

For example, your site url is going to be, then you need to update your baseURL -

baseURL: "/docs"

Color Themes 💜 💛 💙

There are total of 6 color theme options present in Xenon Docs.

  • Kashmir Blue kashmir-blue-theme
  • Cashmere cashmere-theme
  • Terra-cotta terra-cotta-theme
  • Biloba-flower biloba-flower-theme
  • Smalt-blue smalt-blue-theme

You can update the color_theme variable in config.yml file.

params :
    color_theme: ""

Dark Mode 💀

Dark mode is available throughout the app. On the top right you will se Sun icon from where you can toggle dark mode. Dark mode will persist through all your pages.

The title and sub-text on the banner pages comes form the config.yml file. The title variables is used throughout the app.

title : "Xenon"
params :
    siteDescription: ""

If you wish to edit it you can edit banner-home.html file present in /partials folder.

Similarly for inner pages we have banner-inner.html file present in /partials folder.

Footer text can be changed from footer.html file present in /partials. Copyright year will be automatically generated.

Google Analytics 🌵

Since Google Analytics has launched their newer version with lot new features, the new GA tag is not supported with inbuilt google analytics template.

Hence we have created a google-analytics.html file in partials where you can add your GA code.

Favicon 🌏

Update your favicon.ico file in /static folder and then build your project. It will applied to all the pages in the project.

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